DJ Services

Let me be the soundtrack to your events.


Eric Jefferson is not only a visual artist, he's also a DJ who goes by the name of "e-MarbleZ". He plays the music that's not considered to be popular music or what you may hear on the radio. He is always looking to set the vibe and play something different. This could be lounge, chill or ambient music. The music he spins is very much influenced by Selection Radio or The Future Beats Show. If this is the sound your looking for, then let him be the soundtrack to your events. 


April 26th - Vegan Fest

March 1st - Mardi Gras Wine Tasting

Feb 1st - We Love Columbus Wine Tasting

Dec 14th - Books & Bourbon

Dec 7th - Downtown Luxury Holiday Wine Tasting

Oct 19th - The Crows Nest (opening for Renee Dion)

Oct 18th - Local Flavor